Busy Summer

The band’s had a busy summer, and is grateful for it.

The Musician’s Guide to Making Money in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has been hard on the music industry. Countless live events – like festivals and concerts – went on hiatus, causing a severe drop in income for dependent artists and musicians. And even last year only saw a modest increase in live events. While musicians are returning to the stage around the world, they…

Squeezing In Shows Before The Summer Ends

Last Friday Telli and I did a sunset acoustic set on the Schooner Aurora! As the summer sadly winds down, we’re trying to get as many shows in as possible in a safe manner. Telli did a solo acoustic set on the boat (on which she was a crew member for a number of years)….

“Lights Down”

We’ve put out our newest single, “Lights Down” up on all streaming platforms (Links to Spotify & YouTube)! We’ve been hyping new music for a while, but this process ends up being much slower than anticipated,  especially for this track. However, we do have 2 more tracks that are getting wrapped up and should be out…