New music, website, upcoming stream and live shows!

As dead as it’s been for the past several months, this week we’re getting a brief glimpse of hopefully better things to come, as well as a lot of hard work in the background finally coming to fruition! First of, we’ve got a new tune out: we did a cover of Wild Rivers’ “Thinking ‘Bout Love” which brought to the group a few months ago to add to our sets. We decided to get an acoustic cut in to demonstrate our music diversity as well as finally give our fans a piece of our acoustic act that they can listen to at home. Telli and I have begun playing out as the acoustic duo so often, and fans and friends have asked for a while now for some acoustic tracks, so hopefully we’ll be getting more out this year. We went to AuVi Studios where Kevin Rivera has a really nice set up, and put it all together in 1 session plus some work after. Once again Telli did a tremendous job layering the vocals, and the unique harmonies she composed really bring up the end of the song in a cool way!

We’ve also got a new website up! Same address as the old ( but a lot more intuitive and user friendly, with an updated calendar for shows, links to our music, and the biggest improvement: an online store! You can now buy Naticks merch on the site and have it shipped straight to you! Right now we’re only offering a few designs and colors but we will be expanding. If you are interested in any of the other designs or colors we’ve done in the past or hats, stickers, etc. we will be bringing the merch bucket to gigs and will have it available for purchase. A big shout out to Cappy for the time and effort he put into getting this up and running – it’s one of the ongoing projects that has been going on that you wouldn’t think would be at the top of the priority list, but the website does look much better, is easier to navigate, and most importantly is going to give you more reasons to check it out regularly. It’s one of the projects that we were able to actually get done while we wait for gigs.

Speaking of gigs, we’ve actually got a handful coming up over the next few weeks, starting with a streamed show from the Greenwich Odeum. Tickets are available through their website, please consider donating to this awesome and iconic theater, who like many other businesses, have struggled through the pandemic. They’ve made it through to the other side, and will hopefully be having more in person shows coming up. Some of us grew up in or around East Greenwich, so to see our band name on the marquee is really something special. I used to drive or run by it everyday, so it’s truly a great feeling to see it up there and we’re thankful to the theater staff for having us play!

Following that we’ve got a busy weekend and next few weeks with acoustic shows:

Saturday May 15 – 7:00 Wayfinder Newport

Sunday May 16 – 3:00PM Newport Craft

Thursday May 20 – 7:00PM The Patio in East Greenwich

Thursday May 27 – 5:30PM Agawam Hunt

All 4 of these shows are at new venues for us which is very exciting. We’re looking forward to checking them all and playing sets filled with a lot of new tunes both originals and covers. Telli and I have been actively adding new stuff in anticipation for the frequency we’ll be playing this summer. On the front page of the new site, we’ve listed all the upcoming gigs we’ve got scheduled so take a look and keep checking because I’m sure we’ll be adding more! We’re ending the month with a few weddings which we’re very much looking forward to, as it seems most restrictions will be lifter by then.

Finally, we also did have our good friend, and really one of the most solid supporters of live and local music, Rob Duguay, write up an article about us, what we’ve done in the past and how we’re looking ahead. I really appreciate him taking his time to do this, he’s a hardworking guy that’s expanded into a lot of different writing and production projects and is always helping to build and grow the Rhode Island music scene. Thanks Rob!

Ross, guitarist


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