Shows Starting To Come Back!

We’re excited to announce we’re finally getting back to playing shows out regularly again! This week we’ll be having 2 acoustic shows:

April 29th 5:30PM to 7:30PM at Agawam Hunt in Rumford, RI

May 1st 9PM to 12:30AM at One Pelham East in Newport, RI

We’re always excited to play at new places, and this will be our first set at Agawam Hunt! Place looks great with a really nice golf course, landscape, and event space. And while new places excite us, nothing beats returning to our favorite venues, and Pelham is at the top of the list for me in that category. While we’re hoping more things open up in the summer and offer hopefully some more opportunities for sets with the full band, The Acoustanaticks as some people call us, are excited to go out and play and have worked on adding to our extensive setlist with both more originals and covers.

Pelham was one of the only places we were able to get back into last year before another tough winter with the second wave. Things usually slow down around here come November, but even through the winter we try to get at least a few shows a month. It seems like we’re on the other side of that, but it’s truly places like Pelham that not only kept us afloat, but kept us motivated. Some places haven’t done that for us, and it’s been tough. It’s hard to keep practicing and writing and thinking things are going to turn around if you keep telling yourself that and nothing comes to fruition. And even with things getting back to whatever normal is now, it has still been hard and continues to be. We’re starting to book more and more and are looking forward to a busy summer, playing at a lot of new places (soon to be announced). We thank them and our old favorite spots who have weathered the storm and are having us back!

If you know a place looking for music, are a bar owner or manager, or have an event that you’d like to have live music at, let us know! We’ve got a few weddings and celebrations lined up and we’re filling up the calendar quickly so let us know ASAP!

Thank you again for Agawam Hunt and Pelham for helping us to getting back in gear! We’re looking forward to some fun shows this week. Stay tuned for more!

Ross – guitarist


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