Cautiously Optimistic

We’re around the 1 year anniversary of the world being turned upside-down. This time last year, we got a show in at The Guild in early March, wary of things to come as the news that St. Patrick’s Day parades were getting cancelled and limits on social gathering numbers started becoming a thing. We were anticipating returning to The Guild the next week, then doing a set the following night at another of our favorite breweries to perform at, Whalers in Wakefield. Unfortunately, both got cancelled as did most of the shows we had lined up for the next year.

Post show beers

Thankfully, we were able to make our return to The Guild a few weeks ago and will be going back this weekend! While things don’t feel normal right now, there’s still questions to be answered, chaos in the world, and vagueness and uncertainty surrounding the future, from a very simple perspective it’s nice to have a show lined up. We’ve been reaching out to venues are starting to put together a schedule that will hopefully continue to develop.

Even though Telli and I got a few sets in before the holiday season and subsequent pause, it has been a while since playing out and it was nerve racking. We used to do over 100 shows a year, and could confidently fill a 3+ hour set without a setlist or much mental and physical strain. We’d call out tunes and instinctively move through an evening with ease. Livestreams have been an ok alternative, but I still don’t know how to end a song without some dead air awkward silence.

Telli enjoying Smoke & Squeal

As the evening got going, things definitely felt better, and right. The Guild has taken advantage of this time to make some changes to the layout and upgrade the beer hall with a new stage! New beers and food options. The guys from Smoke & Squeal BBQ hooked us up with some awesome food at the end of the night. Most of all it was great to see and hear from people that we haven’t been able to perform for in so long. If you’re interested in seeing an acoustic set, we’ll be back this Saturday March 6th from 5PM to 8PM. The Guild does a great job of spacing out and following all safety protocols. The do take reservations so if you want to check it out be sure to make one, the place is always a popular spot on weekends!

-Ross, guitarist


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